Friday, 14 November 2014


Hello dear! You haven’t made any mistake opening this page. Your spirit actually wants you to have an idea of what you look like and that’s why you are here. You probably have been thinking what do I even look like? Well, you are in the right place to have your answer.

This is a letter to THE BEAUTIFUL YOU and I will be starting this by defining the acronym, BEAUTIFUL.
B-est creature
U-ltimate treat

You are the BEST creature in the whole of this universe! Nothing can compare to you. No no no, not even one because your creator took time to create you. You aren’t a product of mistake!! I don’t want to know if your parents actually have once told you that you were conceived by their mistake of not using a contraceptive or you’ve probably being rejected in your community that you are beginning to feel like you are worthless and without purpose. Well, right now I want you to change that mindset and see yourself as the BEST!

You are so ELEGANT that I don’t even expect to see an atom of inferiority whatsoever in you.

You are ADORABLE! O M G! What I’m I saying? You are a god on your own, everything you’ve got ought to worship you and not you being a slave to them; talk about money, cars, houses, etc. you should be the master of them all.

You are UNIQUE! Okay let’s do this. Take a look at the person your eyes can spot from head to toe and check if you are the same. Aren’t you fatter/slimmer, taller/shorter than the person? Don’t you possess a bigger eyeball? Common… you are UNIQUE dear.

You are THOUGHTFUL! Gbam! See this… you actually did some kind of thinking before you clicked on this page, huh? So why on earth should someone from nowhere just tell you that you are thoughtless? You aren’t dear. You have the mind of God and so you are thoughtful.

We have seen a bit of the first three letters of our word; BEAUTIFUL and as such my next post is going to complete it. After that we are going to be picking those letters each day and examine their impact in our daily activities.
I just thought I should drop this piece before I go for my exams, the second part of my letter will be released after my exams.
Thanks for reading dear. I love you…. Muah! 


  1. I like the way you've tried to make everyone know they are special. Self esteem is a very big issue this days as several people suffer from a sense of low esteem! You too are a BEAUTIFUL writer, no doubts. Keep the river of sweet words flowing Damy *thumbs up*

  2. Thanks for dz... Its such an encouragement