Thursday, 26 March 2015


A relationship either with the opposite or same sex who is a friend in this case is usually sweet to begin but often times a lot happen as the road gets thinner and these persons get closer. So many questions begin to pop up like;
“Where on earth did I meet him/ her?”

“What was I looking at when I made him/ her friend?”

“Why do he/ she simply derive joy from getting me angry?”

We all have been in one of those kinds of scene where we have to ponder on the qualifications that got us in a relationship with some people in our lives but then I got to tell you that you need to stop asking those questions and begin to see the reasons you made them your friends.

Seriously, I must say that no one has it all and most times we drain our loved ones such that we end up not finding the sap we really desired in them. At this junction only one thing stands and that is LOVE. Yea! LOVE! That is the only light that is unquenchable in any relationship. 

You see, God loved us SO he gave us His dear son. That’s much of a sacrifice you know, but then He let it go because he loves us. We need to begin to see people in our lives as our lovers such that even when all they display are some set of flaws we still have the strength to love them. Love is divine and it is what got you attracted to them. You saw something lovable in them; say beauty, attitude, charisma, career, strength, etc. and you chose to be with them. You’ve got to sacrifice your most desired things to be with these people. Forget their flaws!

Love endures all things because it is divine and so you need to begin to endure all things for these people. They are never going to be the perfect persons you want them to be if you keep expecting them to be perfect but they can grow beyond your expectations if you do not limit them with your own expectations. Stop expecting them to be perfect.

Another fascinating thing love does is to forgive. Love forgives all our inadequacies. He never sees them; he blinds himself to them such that he only sees those attractive things in us. So, you need to learn to forgive. Forgive everyone who has hurt you. Let go of the past and love these people as long as they remain in your life.

Cultivate the love nature.


Have you ever pondered on how wise you are? have you ever felt you are not wise enough? ok.
Prov 15: 33 (KJV) "The fear of God is the instruction of wisdom."

As I sat in one of my school's lecture theaters thinking of how to get over a problem, that bible verse rang in my ear and my thought moved away from the problem to the bible verse. I shrugged from the thought of it for a while cause I couldn't figure out how it was going to help me solve the problem I had but then, it rang again more clearly and I got it.

If you fear God or maybe I should be more practical; If you fear your dad and you do not like to get on his nerves, what do you do? Well for me, I will do away with everything that can get me close to his nerves not to even talk of getting on it. most times, it would require me to  think deeply to get an answer and in the course of doing that, I get answers to other problems. When I am out of that mood or right in that mood, I try to apply this idea I just got to a problem in  reality and usually, all I see in myself after this solution works out is a wise woman and seriously, that is simply the way it is with God.

Whenever you are being cautious of your ways because of God, you open your heart for deeper revelations of him and the world that gets you feeling fly like a super wise man.

I believe wisdom is not your ability to stand by a big mountain, pushing it with yiour little effort in order to move it away but your ability to get an axe and shove little parts of it away until it is finally gone. You realize that in this way, you are able to move the mountain and at the same time maximise the little stones you turned it to for something more useful.

Fearing God takes you to a realm of deep thinking that makes everyone see you as a wise person whereas you are just a little deep thinker.