Sunday, 26 June 2016

The 'Why' Question In Every Heart


Why do we see a beautiful rose and pluck it?
Why do we pick something we love?
Why do we go out of our ways to caress the rose?
We do we flatter the ones we love?

Is that really love?
To behold and to touch?
To pick out of the garden?
Just to keep in a vase?
To allow it wither and die someday?

Just why?
Why pick the flower and put in a vase when you can transplant it in your garden?
Why just put it in the vase when you can nurture it in your garden?
Why get someone you love just to have them by your side with no treat?

A woman's nature wants love
A man's nature wants respect
Why get that person when you can't give what they want?
Did I hear you mutter 'goodluck for knowing that'?

Why pick a book off it's shelf if you ain't gonna read it?
Just to hold it and have it called yours?
Of course not!  You're going to read it.
So why get that person out of market when you can't study them?

Admire the rose, find a way to plant it in your garden[not vase]
Your garden is your heart, your vase is your side ]
Pick the book, read it don't just throw it somewhere.
Reading it gets it to your heart, laying it around leaves it by your side.

Unconditional love for her [even when it's like she doesn't respect you]
Unconditional respect for him [even when it's like he doesn't love you]

Don't keep that person wondering 'why'
Give them what they deserve
Treat them rightly.