Thursday, 23 July 2015


How are you?
Did you just reply with 'Fine'?
Seriously, I don' t think I can get enough of that word because the word is so often used and weighs so much. When someone gives you that word as a response, its strength always tell so much of its content and from experiences, I've gathered that the strength of this word can range from Very sharp to sharp, normal, and lastly solemn.
What does the strength of this word tell? It tells something about the speaker and here is my opinion:

Very sharp: This is often used in a conversation between disagreeing parties. A typical illustration is when a couple engaging in an argument and one of them is tired of driving one point around for the other person to understand, you get a very sharp FINE or GOOD! This word hits the other person to an instant mute state.

Sharp: This is often used when concord is about to be reached in a conversation. See the conversation below,
Girl: Let's take rice for lunch
Boy: Hmmmm, let's take rice and beans
Girl: Nooooo
Boy: Yesssss
Girl: But we ate beans yesterday, took bread and egg this morning and you still want us to take rice and beans for dinner. I don't even understand why on earth guys love beans...
(Boy interrupts) Okay... FINE! Let's go for rice.
The very sharp and sharp type are sometimes used in reply when one is in a rush. In this case, it doesn't tell much of the speaker.

Normal: This is used in absolute acceptance of an idea, in replies to close pals/loved ones. It is most often used when a person is in a happy, cool or peaceful state. It sometimes come with a smile or an emphasis. It tells that the person feels good.

Dull: This is usually below normal and you can tell that this person is not in such a great mood. There is probably something wrong somewhere. Atimes, you get this dull response when a person is just waking up from sleep or when they are tired.

Solemn: This is always basic. You can barely hear what this speaker is saying. Sometimes, he/she barely completes the word such that you need to move closer or ask from a distance if all is well cause the person's contempt is really weak.

The very sharp and solemn are extremes of acidity and alkalinity respectively. The sharp is acidic, dull; basic and normal; neutral.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Was just playing around though.

Sunday, 12 July 2015


"Luke 9:16
        And taking the five loaves and the two fish, he looked up to heaven and said a blessing over them. Then he broke the loaves and gave them to the disciples to set before the crowd."
    In our daily walk in this world, we encounter challenges of life that test our faith but in all situations we are to look up to God. Jesus looked up when he wanted to multiply the meal. What exactly was he doing? He was simply shifting focus from the people to the one who has the answer knowing that the answer was not in the situation.
     At times, our situation pulls us so down that we don't realize there is someone up there. We are so desperate to do something about a situation that could only be resolved by God.
     Last week, I so desired and searched for a job because I was tired of the token I was getting from my parents. That idea is not bad but what if instead of searching, I lift up my head, my heart and my voice to God for wisdom on what to do or I look up to him for abundance in the family.
    The blessing of God is what elevates you from the level of wretchedness. It is what makes you contented with the little amount you receive at your various places of work because you know that it will be multiplied to bless you and people around you. God's grace is never a function of our work so there is no amount you get from work that will be enough without His blessing.
   Silver and Gold are only products of the blessing not the blessing itself. They are no reasons to be distracted from God. The blessing of God is what supplies all riches. Our focus must remain God. Our real bank account lies with him.
   Shift your focus from your works and look unto Christ for his blessings. 

   I am blessed! The blessed call me blessed. I greatly increase, expand and multiply. I do not set my affections on the things beneath,  I look up to Christ the seed. He is my Power to increase. When men are limited by the natural, I press on with the supernatural. I AM BLESSED!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

    You are probably wondering what I mean by 'no'. Well, 'no' is that word   (an adverb) used to give a negative answer to a request, an offer or question.Now that you know what I mean by 'no', you might also be wondering why someone should sit and write an article on it since it is just a commonly used word. Well, just read on and you will unlock the mystery behind the article.
    Today, I came back from school and was making a meal; two cups of rice precisely. Normally, I would have prepared just one or one and half to take me for two meals but since I was expecting a visitor, I decided to make it two. I don't have a kitchen in my room and don't have a fan yet, I prefer to cook in front of my room. Like about 2minutes after I put the rice in the pot on the gas cooker, a neighbour came and stated that he also rushed down from school hungry and he was going to eat part of what I was cooking and I could not give him a negative answer but deep down I kept on thinking of how I was going to make four meals out of barely two cups of rice.
    That aside, I had just two pieces of fish in my stew and the second question came, "how am I going to  feed three people with two pieces of fish?". The food was ready and I served my neighbour with one of the fish pieces and ate mine without fish keeping the remaining one for my guest. Having ate the food, I laid in my bed for some rest and the thought about how to say no when I am not capable of a request came up. 
    I must confess to you friends that I don't know how to say 'no' and I don't like the fact so I have to think about what to do and here is what I have:

1. Think(analyze) about every offer, request,  or question carefully before giving a response.  
2. Consider you capacity . This can really require you to be factual with yourself. Think about what you are capable of without external forces. What you are capable of doing in your natural self.

3. Ok now, you've done those two above and you still feel like a 'no' is not the right answer, think of adding external forces. As a christian, I will add faith. By adding faith, I am able to believe that something positive will come out of every situation.

4. Say no taking no offence and not offending.

See what Mayo Clinic has to say;
When to say no:
* Focus on what matters most
* Weigh the yes-to-stress ratio
* Take guilt out of the equation
* Sleep on it
How to say no:
* Say no
* Be brief
* Be honest
* Be respectful
* Be ready to repeat.
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