Saturday, 11 March 2017

How To Stay Commited To What I Do

I stopped doing personal lifestyle blogging because of a few reasons:
1. It exposes strengths and flaws. More emphasis on flaws because that is what we people of the earth know how to spot and dwell on.

2. Consequently from point 1, it brings criticisms. Lifestyle writing raises discussion and of course criticisms. Criticisms can hurt a whole lot. I've had much gulp of it but I think my bullet proof shield has added more layers to suffice for the journey.

3. Commitment.
Because I've not wanted to share the flaws, commitment to lifestyle writing has been a whole lot of work.

4. Cause I sometimes feel like my writings are not good enough. And they'll never be good enough until I choose my own standard for good, until I don't allow my works to be judged by someone else before I feel it's good. Editors are always going to read my writings, say what they feel and make corrections or suggestion but I've got to be satisfied with my works through all screens and checkpoints. I've got to give those writings the strength and motivation that they are good enough.

All the above points moved me away from personal blogging but I'm picking my pen in that route back. I always want to be perfect so, I don't write about the flaws. Since I only write the good stories, I became less committed.
But guess what I learnt. There's no success without flaws, without fails, without criticisms. Flaws make works beautiful and natural.

I remember the stir fried rice I prepared on 1st of January. It was a tough one. I had to use firewood to cook and the rice turned out too Soft because I forgot to drain after putting it down from the fire place before stirring in the sauce. I felt bad so, I just took very little portion to eat and left the kitchen.

My mom went to the kitchen, tasted the food and gave a positive comment but I still didn't feel good cause it didn't look good to me. It didn't fit being put up on my perfect instagram account. But she served it to dad. He loved it. My dad doesn't fancy fried or jollof rice cause of the oiliness but he loved this one. Mom also served it to people. Workers in the neighborhood who couldn't go to their families for the festive season. They ate not even noticing it being marshy. I was the only one feeling marshy.

That rice was flawed to me but it served purpose. It met the needs of people and today I'm here reminiscing on how many articles I've written halfway and discarded because I felt they weren't good enough for the all perfect social media. Because I didn't want the criticisms.

As for you reading, you might not be a writer or blogger but you sure have a career. And it's high time you and I stopped being scared of what the world will say about our flaws.
Stop being scared of not being good enough
It's high time we got committed to our choice of career in the good and bad times.
Stop hiding that talent or skill that feels marshy.

We never can tell who will value our flaws and develop them, who will build on it and make it beautiful. We'll never know who until we expose that flaw.

Stay committed to your flaws just like your strengths, build on them and make them strong.

Did my post sound serious? I know it does but you need to see the smile on my face while I typed it all so, Nna, Nne, please smile before closing the post.
Smile cause I will not beat you for your flaws
Smile  cause your flaws make you beautiful
Smile cause you're going to get better
Love ya! Catch ya! Lara! 😀

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