Monday, 18 July 2016

What Do We Call Life?

Fairly Unfair OR Unfairly Fair

Whenever I'm going away
I don't go with my dad so I don't get delayed
Cause he's never got license to drive on his lane,
I go my own way so he doesn't get detained.

When my friend is going away
She always has her dad, she's never delayed
His driver has a license to get on a lane
So, there's never a reason to get detained.

She knows not many places cause she's always in a ride
She screams and cries "I want to go alone!"
I know so many places cause I always go with tide

I smile and say "I wish to go with home"
She comes to me with thousands of naira
I go to her with kobo in a corner
She lives a life so filled with extras
I live a life filled with just essentials

The gift of life is inestimable wealth
Especially when lived in sound health
Though my friend never got beaten with belt
We both someday will lie in death

Life is so unfair; it gave so much to some
Life is unfair; some live in luxury
Life is so fair; it gave all to none
Life is fair; we all ain't in penury

We all are travellers with meres
Even when we pay our fare
Some get a seat so fair
Yet, some manage seats so unfair