Sunday, 13 November 2016

The Beauty Behind The Madness

"The Beauty Behind The Madness"

I saw this on a friend's whatsapp status and I pondered on what could be his own madness. Possibly the hairstyle he cuts, often shaping his head in an oblong shape while the hair is left to grow as high as possible thus making it look like a cock's comb. And yea there's a song titled "beauty behind the madness".

One truth is; everyone has their own madness which only them and possibly a few folks see the beauty. It could be;

Physical appearance: Like my friend here, some people are tagged names such as 'crazy', 'weird', 'mad', 'because of the style they've chosen as a way of life. But the gist is; "that person you term's appearance as weird sure felt some sense of beauty after dressing up to go out.

Attitude to work: Some people are more dedicated to work and these people are often term 'efficiency'. Efficiency is the art of being efficient but a Nigerian would rather call an efficient person efficiency. On the other hand, some persons are so slothful with work that they are termed 'lazy' even when they get their desired results without the knowledge of the name callers. Both category of persons understand the Beauty which onlookers don't see in them.

But then, when you hear great men talk about how hard they worked, how fervent they prayed and how passionate they were about their chosen field, you'll realize they were mad about these things. But something distinguished their madness from that of a person with mental disorder; they could see the beauty in it which you did not see.

Love: Yes! Some people are crazy about people they love and go any length for these persons. And the world is like, "Really?! How could he do such a thing for her? Who knows if she even loves him". But this person sooner or later settles down with that person they've loved greatly and receive all the love they possibly can.

Thus, when you're doing your thing and your friends, neighbours are calling you 'mad', smile and keep doing as long as you are able to comprehend the beauty they can't. Because this kind of madness has brought tremendous greatness in historic times.

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