Tuesday, 15 September 2015


    Right here in the front seat of a small car I sit thinking about me. With my head rested, and raised a bit just as much to be able to see the sky,  eyes shut out scanning through my mind, searching for answers to questions like: How is life going to be in the next five years? What am I going to be doing? Will there be someone to call 'love'? 
     The question of employment has not really been a burden to me. That area of my life seems to have always been settled from onset, I could be bothered a times about how many lives would be impacted though but the area of love, my relationship with people around me has been cumbersome. At some times, it seems right but other times, it doesn't. It has become a big case before God and I even when I know he has promised me a great future, I still Wonder how that's going to be with the pieces of shattered me presently.
     Love comes and goes. I doubt if I still know what it is or maybe I've not even experienced it. I can hear a voice countering that, asking if I know what God's love feels like and thus making me want to compare God's love with other feelings I've had but most often it just hasn't been the same only but with few friends.
   The journey to Ibadan was a safe and peaceful one except for the petrol tanker that fell across d road and the Fire service men, FRSC and some other people were trying to pull away. I got home not to meet my aunty so I called her that I was home. While waiting for her to return from wherever she is, I sat at the entrance, brought out my phone to continue to think out on my blog.
  Just right there, I got this feeling that it is  going to make sense after all, as long as I can patiently wait while it makes faith. That love is going to come around and it is going to be great because its going to be with the right person and at the right time.

That was a little sketch though. Hope you got a drop of inspiration.