Wednesday, 24 December 2014

My letter to the ladies cont.

 I am very sorry for posting very late but I promise things won’t go this bad anymore, I am very very sorry. OK, let’s go to business;

The remaining four letters of BEAUTIFUL is what we want to deal with and that’s letters I, F, U and L.

Incredible, Intelligent


Ultimate and 

That’s it! You are incredible, fruitful, ultimate creature and you are love, a love being, loving… just name whatever has got to do with love.

You are INCREDIBLE, INTELLIGENT or let me combine the two by saying you are INCREDIBLY INTELLIGENT!   That’s sounds awesome right? Yea, that’s what God created. He created an incredible creature, an intelligent one whose intelligence is so incredible that it can’t just be compared with that of other creatures. He made you with such magnificence that no other thing can match with.  Because of your incredibility and intelligence, he made you ruler over all things.   I feel the need to take us to the beginning a little. You see, when god was done with creation, He told Adam to name every living creature and whatever he called them is what they are. That is to show how much you’ve got. OK, let’s look at examples outside the bible. The man who was honored for nomenclature of plants is Carl Von Linnaeus, this guy made use of this same intelligence to further the work which Adam did. He classified plants into groups of different kinds. You can imagine someone grouping almost all this plants into groups. That was quite a big task but he did it and you are expected to operate like that.

You are FRUITFUL! You are expected to yield fruits in all areas of your life not leaving any stone unturned. Stagnancy is not what you were made for, you should yield fruits because you are living1! You don’t have to be pregnant with a baby boy or girl before you yield fruits, you should yield fruits in your career, your attitude should yield fruits.

You are the ULTIMATE CREATURE! The maker took his time to make you, He wasn’t in a rush. He created you last because He knows how special you are. You are precious in His sight. He made you just like Himself, gave you what he’s got and made you chief over all He made before you. He ensured that everything was settled before creating you because He knows you are going to take over duties from Him.
And lastly, you are LOVE! You are LOVE! You are LOVE! God is LOVE! Everything about you should be love. Think love, act love, eat love, drink love and be love! Understand what love is, it is not about you giving out what you’ve got but about inhabiting the love nature in you. Begin to see things in the love light, love yourself enough to acknowledge all that you’ve read so far, love others and ultimately, LOVE GOD!
Merry Christmas and happy New Year in advance!