Wednesday, 11 May 2016

SUBWAY SURFERS: Lessons From The Popular Game

The game is really about an artist, painter to be precise who is being chased by an inspector and his dog😃.

Painting a train is a way of publicizing the ability of an artist, the subway surfer but, he got caught and puts himself into the trouble of an inspector(an enemy). It's good to assume that the artist never expected an inspector to get him painting which is what happens in life, he just wanted to showcase his talent. ⏺

When discovering your ability, do well to discover the best platform alongside. This quite saves from the danger of an enemy albeit its impossible to not have one. There is always someone coming after you. Someone who's more alert than you could ever think of and catches up with you at your slightest fall. Check out Psalm 56: 6.

There is usually not one route to a destination and every route has got its own challenge which could be mobile like a moving train or immobile like the barriers, walls, standby trains. Among all these routes, there's always one that is safest which can be identified by wisdom and foresight which are paramount to every successful race. Foresight to see what's on the road and wisdom to analyze.

Still talking about routes, on different lanes, there'll be gains of various kinds; coins, jetpack, sneakers, etc. It's not bad to grab opportunities, they are what make up fortune but like I said wisdom and foresight are needed so you don't run after a small gain while you miss a useful and more worthy gain.

Just as no one knows the end of the subway; surfers just keep running, avoiding inspector and jumping over barriers while acquiring as much as they can, you don't know when life will end but you can keep running, staying away from things that can shorten your journey or make it threatening. Also, be smart enough to gather as much good as you can and get over barriers.

Lastly, one thing I have learnt from games is that when the game ends either with a LOW score or high score, I can retry. More emphasis on LOW because most game admin will congratulate me when i have a high score but offer a chance to retry when i have a low score. Do not be the type that gives up cheaply in marriage, career, studies or something. Try and try again until you get your satisfactory result. Try working it out with your spouse, boss, book over and over again.

N. B: You can retry a game as many times as possible but remember you only live once. Make maximum use of life. Acquire the acquirable and be wise in choosing your lanes.

Stay blessed.


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